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Civil Forfeiture

Keeping Your Property Out Of The Government's Hands

If law enforcement believes that you used certain property (such as your car or your money) to commit a crime, it can seize that property in a process called "forfeiture." It can also seize your property if it believes you obtained it with ill-gotten gains, which means purchasing it with money earned from illegal activity.

If you receive what's called a "notice of intent to seize," the clock has already begun ticking. You have only one chance to keep your property. Don't try to protect your property on your own. We have been successful in getting large sums of money, vehicles and other property returned to our clients, even after convictions.

I hired Jesse to defend me criminally and to help get my property that was seized by the police back. While the state decided to never press any charges, he was instrumental in getting my car and money that had been seized by the police some 9 months back, for a token payment of $500. Not a bad outcome for someone who was facing 12-20 months in prison for felony possession and intent to distribute.

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As you can imagine, it is imperative that your attorney be familiar with the nuanced web of forfeiture statutes and administrative restrictions. Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the complexities and legal issues surrounding civil forfeitures in Washington.

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