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Domestic Violence

Charged With Domestic Violence Or Domestic Assault In Seattle?

The reach of domestic violence goes well beyond the typical spousal disputes. It can include violence against a sibling, parent, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or even a roommate.

Unfortunately, many people are falsely accused of this crime. To get the upper hand in a heated argument, for instance, one person may call the police and claim the other person is a threat. Such a claim can have serious repercussions.

If you were accused of domestic violence (DV) in King County or the surrounding counties of Washington, turn to JRC Practice, PLLC. Our skilled and experienced attorneys provide personal and relentless criminal defense representation to both men and women charged with domestic assault, DV, abuse, neglect and other offenses.

I came to Jesse feeling hopeless and not knowing what the future would hold. His honesty, knowledge of the law and the criminal court system resulted in dismissal of a case that could have resulted in 60-70 months in prison.
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The Penalties Of A Conviction Go Far Beyond Jail Time

The prosecution can add a domestic violence tag to several different charges. By simply adding the DV label, the prosecution significantly increases the consequences of a criminal conviction beyond that of the underlying charge.

Alone, a DV conviction still carries consequences beyond the typical jail time and fines. These additional consequences include:

Perhaps the most serious consequence of nearly every DV charge is the "no-contact order" (NCO), sometimes called a "restraining order." This is an order that prohibits you from having any contact with your accuser while the case is pending, and in many cases, several years beyond resolution of the charge. An NCO is issued in almost every DV-related case and can create incredible hardship for you, affecting your relationships with your children and other loved ones.

Even If Your Accuser Changes His Or Her Mind, You Need A Skilled Lawyer

Once the appropriate prosecuting agency decides to file charges, the decision to continue lies with the prosecuting attorney alone. This means that even if your accuser decides that he or she does not want to "press charges," it's too late. The matter is out of his or her hands.

You can count on Mr. Corkern to fully uphold your rights and explore every option in your defense. He understands how important the results are to you and your life, and he will go the distance on your behalf.

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