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Client Testimonials

Hear what our former clients have to say.

"I was recommended Jesse's firm from an email to the NRA legal department when I was having problems repossessing my firearms after my first lawyer failed on a "run of the mill" domestic violence charge in King County, Washington. He is very professional with just the right amount of aggressiveness and Jesse's firm did a great job on the first visit to the courthouse. I gladly give Jesse's firm a 5 star rating and will highly recommend him to anyone who needs his services."


"Having Jesse represent me was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. His level of professionalism and personal attention gave me confidence and made me feel at ease in the courtroom. From the beginning, Jesse made sure that I understood what the realistic outcomes would be for my case. He didn't sugar-coat it or promise to do the impossible, and I appreciated his honesty. Fortunately, for my case, he was able to get me the best possible outcome and I am forever grateful! Thank you Jesse!" 

"Jesse took over my felony burglary case after the lawyer who had been handling it stopped returning phone calls or answering emails less than a month before the trial date. After that experience, Jesse's professionalism and responsiveness were exactly what I was looking for in an attorney, and his calm demeanor give me the confidence to go forward with the case. He organized my defense and his skilled investigator began digging up more and more evidence, until the state agreed to dismiss all charges against me. We didn't even have to go to trial, but if we had we would have shredded the state. I'm almost sorry I didn't get to see Jesse work in the courtroom. Jesse Corkern was exactly the lawyer I needed and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone in need of an attorney."


"If you ever need an attorney, I would highly recommend Jesse Corkern and JRC Practice for any cases. They were very determined and top knowledge about law; I'm very happy with what they did for me." 

"I had allegations of drunk driving brought against me in January of 2011 by a Washington State Trooper. A trusted friend introduced me to Jesse Corkern; a relationship that became invaluable. Mr. Corkern listened intently as I described the events that led to my arrest, and with assuring confidence developed a strategy of defense. I trusted him immediately. Mr. Corkern was extremely informative in preparing me for what I needed to do to comply with requests made by the courts (at times giving me preemptive advice), which greatly helped in the decision the courts made regarding my case. The outcome was a success. Mr. Corkern is professional, courteous, and has a deep knowledge of the Law; for all of which I will forever be grateful." 

"If you need an attorney, you're already in the midst of having a less than great time. And in those times of trouble, you need more than just a good attorney. You need a great attorney like Jesse at JRC Practice; an attorney that won't make you feel like a loser for needing his services in the first place. Jesse's calming demeanor not only puts you at ease, but lets you know you're not alone in what you're going through and he will do everything he can to get you through it. I pray I never need his services again, but if I do... I know exactly who to call."

"Jesse represented me in my DUI case back in June of 2011. I was very impressed with Jesse and happy with the outcome of my case. I did not lose my license and Jesse got me a deal that far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Jesse to anyone I know without hesitation. It was great having him on my side and looking out for my best interest. I was glad to have chosen Jesse as my legal representation."